Discover Kenya Safari

10 Day Discover Kenya Safari from North to Coast.

Experience the finest of Kenya from the comfort of your own specially designed pop-up roof Natural World 4×4 Safari Jeep, complete with a professional multilingual safari guide, 4 binoculars, a long-range high-frequency radio, sandbags, 4G/LTE broadband WIFI connectivity, Power Outlets AC 230V, First Aid Kit, Safari Guide Books, Baby Seats (on request), Side Steps (on request), and much more. This is your chance to explore all of Africa’s colours! This extensive exploration tour will take you to magnificent land masses and dazzling lakes, home to massive herds of elephants, the Big Five, hippos, rhinos, and flamingos.

Itinerary for 10 day discover Kenya Safari

Day 01: Samburu National Park [Home of Gerenuk]

Nairobi is the least expensive arrival city for flights with a full range of hotels and local attractions. Dubbed the “Safari Capital of the World” cool, clear and cosmopolitan Nairobi is the natural departure point for most safari itineraries. A city of contrasts, it is simultaneously the largest, the youngest, the most modern, the highest (1700m) and the fastest growing city in East Africa. High-altitude Nairobi enjoys a pleasant tropical climate all year round. There are ATMs and banks to stock up on cash, great restaurants, and malls where you can purchase any forgotten items. Depart from Nairobi international airport – end of itinerary.

 Upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, you will complete the customs and immigrations formalities then met and assisted by Alpine Holidays Representatives. A short Safari brief then commence drive down to the cool slopes of Mt. Kenya, across the plain of Laikipia, to your finally destination, the sandy desert region of Samburu. This scenic commute will take approximately 4 hours. Enjoy lunch (included in tour price). Another species unique to the Samburu region is the Gerenuk. With luck, you’ll see some while on your game drive. It’s amazing to watch them stand on their hind legs to eat! The Gerenuk also known as the Waller’s Gazelle is a long-necked species of antelope found in dry bushy shrub and steppe in East Africa. The word Gerenuk comes from the Somali language, meaning “giraffe-necked”, and leads to another common name, the Giraffe-necked Antelope.

The Samburu National Reserve is located on the banks of the Ewaso Ng’iro River (Brown river in the local language) in Kenya; on the other side of the river is the Buffalo Springs National Reserve in Northern Kenya. It is 165 km² in size and 350 kilometers from Nairobi. Samburu is distinctive for its arid plains and herds of animals drawn to the river and water holes. Photographers love this park for its stark lighting and contrasts. In the arid North of Kenya, water means life. The river draws wildlife in great numbers to its banks, providing high quality game viewing. All Meals and overnight at the lodge/ tented camp. Meal plan full board.

 Day 02: Samburu National park

Early this morning you’ll meet up with your guide for your game drive. One of the amazing things about Samburu is that you’ll most likely see species that are unique to this region. The Grévy’s Zebra (Equus grevyi), also known as the Imperial Zebra, is the largest species of zebra. It is found in the Samburu area as well as parts of Ethiopia. Compared to other zebras, it is taller, has larger ears, and its stripes are narrower. Grévy’s Zebra is considered endangered, partly due to hunting for its skin, which fetches a high price on the world market. It also suffers habitat destruction, human disturbances at water holes and competition with domestic grazing animals. There are estimated to be 17 000 Grévy’s Zebra still living in the wild. With luck, you’ll see some today!

Enjoy lunch (included in tour price). Another species unique to the Samburu region is the Gerenuk. With luck, you’ll see some while on your game drive. It’s amazing to watch them stand on their hind legs to eat! The Gerenuk also known as the Waller’s Gazelle is a long-necked species of antelope found in dry bushy shrub and steppe in East Africa. The word Gerenuk comes from the Somali language, meaning “giraffe-necked”, and leads to another common name, the Giraffe-necked Antelope. Enjoy dinner (included in tour price). All Meals and overnight at the lodge/ tented camp. Meal plan full board.

 Day 03: Lake Nakuru National park

After breakfast, depart for Thompson’s Falls named after Joseph Thompson who was the first European to walk from Mombasa to Lake Victoria in the early 1880’s. A short stopover, then proceed to drive to Lake Nakuru National Park, famed for being home to thousands of lesser and greater flamingoes. This park also provides a sanctuary of Rothschild giraffe, black and white rhino and the elusive leopard.  Arrive in time for lunch, and after refreshing up and a short rest have an afternoon game drive till dusk. All meals and overnight at the lodge/ tented camp. Meal plan: full board.

Lake Nakuru is one of the Rift Valley soda lakes. The lake’s abundance of algae attracts the vast quantity of flamingos that famously lines the shore. Other birds also flourish in the area, as do warthogs, baboons, Lions, Leopards, Giraffes, Hippos and other large mammals. Black and White rhinos have also been introduced. This Park was created in 1968 to protect the huge flocks of over a million the lesser flamingo that breed and nest at the edge of Lake Nakuru, giving it the characteristic pink rim. Nakuru is the provincial capital of Kenya’s Rift Valley province, and is the fourth largest urban centre in the country. Lake Nakuru is one of the Rift Valley soda lakes and provides the visitors with one of Kenya’s best known images, thousands of flamingos joined into a massive flock. A pulsing pink swathe of life that carpets the water, the flamingos are a breathtaking sight. The lake forms part of the Lake Nakuru National Park which has good game viewing for a day safari.

Day 04: Maasai Mara Game Reserve

Breakfast then commence drive to Masai Mara National Reserve offering wonderful scenery and plenty of game and recently named one of the Seven Wonders of the World brought about by the crossing of river Mara by the thousands and thousands of wildebeest, a site to behold. Arrive in the late evening. Enjoy lunch and afternoon game drive till dusk. All Meals and overnight at the lodge/ tented camp. Meal plan full board.

As Simba proudly surveys his kingdom in his majestic glory, Ndovu leisurely chews on succulent tree branches, his family close by. Not too far ahead, Nyati and his comrades graze on the lush Mara plains as the lonesome and often ill-tempered Kifaru stomps along in solitude. And finally, the elusive Chui… lounging above the ground on a lofty tree branch, on the lookout for his next meal. Together, they make the Big 5. Known as such not for their size, but for the difficultly they presented hunters who tried to capture them. And this is their home. The Masai Mara – Kenya’s finest game reserve – gentle rolling grasslands teeming with a plethora of animals and bird life. See Thomson and Grant Gazelles, Topi, Eland, Zebra, Waterbuck, Giraffe, Hippo, Wildebeest, Warthog, Crocodile, Ostrich, Vultures among others, and over 450 bird species, with over 50 birds of prey. One thing is for sure… at the Masai Mara, you will experience nature in all its wild wonder!

Day 05: Maasai Mara Game Reserve

Masai Mara is named after the traditional inhabitants (Maasai) and the Mara River. At some point during your stay in the Mara, you’ll drive by the river which is a great place to spot wildlife. This area is a photographer’s delight where with any luck you’ll be able to take amazing pictures of the hippos and elephants in the water. Full day at the reserve with morning and afternoon game drives in search of the ‘big 5’. Masai Mara is at the northern most extension of the Serengeti Plains and one of the richest wildlife game reserves. Its home to the splendid black –manned lion, the elusive leopard, stately giraffe, vast bulk of elephants, rhino, thundering herds of zebra, migrating wildebeest and numerous other plains game. The small size funnels animals into a tight space, and park rules allow for off-road driving which means that guests can venture into plains covered with hundreds or even thousands of animals. Take an optional hot air balloon ride over the plains, with the opportunity for amazing pictures of the animal herds below. Thereafter return to the lodge/ tented camp for dinner and overnight. Meal plan full board.

Masai Mara offers an absolutely unique variety of animals. The reason is that this hilly region is both humid and fertile, and is crossed by the Mara and Talek rivers, full of crocodiles and hippos. The abundance of water and excellent availability of food are the reasons why the Masai Mara, which in fact is a continuation of the Tanzanian Serengeti National Park, has the greatest population of wild animals in the whole of Africa. There is a particularly dramatic “spectacle” from July to November, the annual migration of huge herds of Gnus and zebras. Predators such as Hyenas, Jackals, Leopards and Lions of course, closely follow these herds. Gigantic herds of over 200 buffaloes can also be observed. Plenty of food is available for elephants, giraffes, and the many species of antelopes.  Soak in the abundance of untamed wilderness, fresh and natural scenery, filled with exotic wildlife during our expertly guided game drives, enjoyed in open vehicles. For those interested in a more intimate encounter, we conduct a safe and exciting walking safari where you have the chance to come face to face with nature’s beauty both in flora and fauna…

Optional: (A visit to the Masai villages and hot air balloon taking off in the beautiful early morning, you drift above the browsing game and have tremendous opportunities for unusual photographs. What could be more uplifting than an early morning safari in a hot air balloon flying over the vast plains of Africa? Witness an African sunrise as a plethora of wildlife roam the land beneath you. At the end of the flight you land on the plains, in the midst of this enchanting savannah a champagne breakfast is laid out with the mouth watering aroma of sausages, eggs, and bacon, sizzling over a charcoal fire. Drive in a leisurely fashion with game viewing on your way back to your camp).

Day 06: Lake Naivasha

Naivasha is one of our favorite places to pause a safari, lush, cool and relaxing – is a beautiful freshwater lake, fringed by thick papyrus. The lake is almost 13kms across but its waters are shallow and thick with hippo. Hell’s Gate National Park, Longonot National Park and Mount Longonot are nearby attractions. Boat tours on the lake are popular to observe birdlife and hippopotamus behavior, or explore Crescent Island on foot. Your guide will drive you from the Mara region, through the beautiful, picturesque rift valley, to Naivasha. Enjoy lunch, Sign up for optional activities on-site. Activities include Crescent Island boat tour, hiking and day trip excursions to Mt Longonot and Hell’s Gate, or simply walk along the lakeshore and relax at your lodge. *Activity fees vary and are paid on-site to the lodge and/or park authority. Enjoy dinner at the lodge/ tented camp. Meal plan full board.

Day 07: Amboseli National Park.

Today you will drive from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park. nestled on the slopes of Africa’s highest snow-capped mountain Mt Kilimanjaro via Namanga the Kenya –Tanzania boarder, arrive in time for lunch. The park is famous for being the best place in Africa to get close to free-ranging elephants. On a clear day, you’ll also have spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Enjoy an afternoon game drive with your private guide giving you the chance to view and photograph the big 5 which include the Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Buffalo and Elephant till dusk. All meals and overnight at the loge/ tented camp. Meal plan full board.

Day 08: Amboseli National Park.

This day you will spend a full day in the park with morning and afternoon game drives. Lunch and dinner included. Amboseli National Park is 260 km (160 mi) south of Nairobi, on the Kenya and Tanzania border. It is most famous for its spectacular views of Kilimanjaro. A system of swamps makes this low-rainfall area one of the best wildlife-viewing experiences in the world. The park protects two of the five main swamps, and includes a dried-up Pleistocene lake and semi-arid vegetation. Noted in particular for its large elephant herds, Amboseli is the third most visited game area in Kenya after Masai Mara and Nakuru. Return to the lodge/ tented camp for dinner and overnight. Meal plan full board.

Day 09: Tsavo National Park [Man Eater]

Tsavo East National Park is one of the oldest and largest parks in Kenya at 11,747 square kilometers. Opened in April of 1948, it is located near the village of Voi in the Taita District of Coast Province. The park is divided into east and west sections by the A109 road and a railway. Named for the Tsavo River, which flows west to east through the national park, it borders the Chyulu Hills National Park, and the Mkomazi Game Reserve in Tanzania. Tsavo is perfectly situated on the way to Mombasa, and is a great complement to Amboseli. However, the sheer size of the park can make game viewing a drawn out affair. Your guide will drive you from Amboseli to Tsavo National Park. An armored convoy will deliver you to your location for a part of this voyage. Enjoy lunch; enjoy an afternoon game viewing drive with your skilled guide, in and around the Tsavo National Park region. Try spotting leopard, cheetah, wild dogs, rhino, elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion,crocodile, mongoose, hyrax, dik- dik, lesser kudu, or the nocturnal Porcupine. Birders will revel in this park, with over 600 species Tsavo has prolific birdlife. All meal and overnight at the lodge/ tented camp.

Day 10: Mombasa

Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature as your guide drives you between Tsavo National Park and Mombasa. Drive along a newly paved highway and take in the Kenyan countryside. This scenic commute takes around 3 to 4 hours to complete. Mombasa own arrangement or we can book on your behalf. End of service.

Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya, lying on the Indian Ocean. It has a major port and an international airport. The city is the centre of the coastal tourism industry. Known for spectacular and economical beaches, Mombasa has long been a get-away destination. A terrific value option to relax after a safari. Sign up for optional activities including; deep sea fishing, boat excursions, scuba diving. There are several places to visit in Mombasa, including Fort Jesus, built by the Portuguese, and the Old Town, which has old Islamic architecture. Relax by the warm ocean on a broad sandy beach.