4 Day Mount Kenya Trek

4 Days up and down Sirimon Route

Fit Adventure  trekkers will find the Sirimon Route on Mount Kenya to be a fun and easily accessible trekking route. There is greater scenery than Naromoru, and some of the best walking is available on the dry side of the mountain. Ascend through the woodland and onto a broad slope to reach the summit location. The route begins close to Nanyuki on the northwest face of the mountain. The bunk house amenities are the greatest on this side of the mountain, and access is sufficient.

DAY 1: Nairobi/Nanyuki/Old Moses

Departure from Nairobi at 0700 hrs from your hotel and transfer to Nanyuki arriving after 3 hours. Later transfer to Sirimon gate and hike to Old Moses camp for overnight (3300m), 3 to 4 hrs hikes (9kms).
Old Moses camp is where you acclimatize as you also come across different vegetation.

DAY 2 : Old Moses – Shiptons

After breakfast Hike to Shipton’s camp (4200m )through Liki and Makinders valley for overnight (6 to 8 hrs hikes) 

Day 3 : Shipton Camp/Point Lenana/Judmaier Camp (Old Moses Camp) 
9-10hrs, 21km

Leave at 3am up a steep stony quarry that cuts through a cliff clearing visible part towards lower Hall Tarns arriving point Lenana at 6:30am, taking about 3hrs. After the sunrise, descend down to Shipton Camp, 2hrs, for breakfast and further, 4hrs, down to Old Moses Camp for dinner and overnight, B,L,D

Day 4: Judamaier Camp (Old moses) / Sirimon/Nairobi 2-3hrs, 9km

After breakfast, walk down through the rainforest for 2 hours to connect with your transport vehicle back to Nairobi

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